FCCC-Shared Governance Rubric

The attached rubric is intended to serve as a diagnostic tool for campuses to use and adapt when conducting a self-assessment of the effectiveness of their shared governance processes. The rubric is the result of several years of research and collaboration conducted by the Faculty Council of Community Colleges’ Governance Committee and based primarily on established, published and widely accepted literature, as well as the experiences of Council and committee members. It does not nor is it meant to represent or address any one campus, governance system, or individual opinion about shared governance, but, rather, represents well-documented best practices in shared campus governance.

Academic Program Assessment Rubric

This rubric was designed to serve as a guide for academic departments in their efforts to assess program effectiveness and alignment with the college’s mission. It is intended to be applied by faculty on a regular basis to monitor the process of assessment of academic programs offered by the department, including interdisciplinary majors and minors.

Institutional Effectiveness Self-Assessment

The SUNY Council on Assessment (SCoA) was established to support SUNY campuses in their efforts to assess institutional effectiveness and student learning outcomes. In fulfillment of that charge, SCoA has developed this self-assessment rubric focused on institutional effectiveness. The idea to design a rubric for this purpose took inspiration from a self-assessment rubric designed by Linda Suskie, and grew out of a compilation study of commendations, suggestions, and recommendations of Middle States accreditation reviews of SUNY campuses between 2010 and 2012.

Student Affairs/Student Services Self-Assessment

Adapted from the Institutional Effectiveness Self-Assessment Rubric, and inspired from a self-assessment rubric designed by Linda Suskie, this rubric is for Student Affairs/Student Services professionals to evaluate their programs student learning outcomes quality, alignment, sustainability, planning, and impact.

DEISJ Rubric

The DEISJ rubric is designed as a guidance document, with the hope that institutions will tailor the rubric to their own institution’s needs or design their own rubrics to share in a resource repository, to be shared via the SCoA website and SUNY Resource page.

This rubric is not meant to replace any locally developed rubrics already in use.