2021 Zoom-In Workshop

Assessing General Education Date: Fall 2021

Description:This remote gathering will enable those involved in assessment on their campuses to learn about ways to leverage existing assessment data and procedures to move forward with meaningful changes related to the SUNY General Education Framework, self-study preparation, and student learning outcome assessment. The virtual session will include a presentation featuring The New Framework: SUNY General Education Assessment updates from Dr. Deborah Moeckel, Assistant Provost for Assessment and Community College Education and a panel discussion highlighting perspectives representative of diverse institutional areas currently involved in assessment, self-study preparation, and accreditation work. The session will conclude with concurrent breakout group discussions focused on student learning outcome assessment representative of a variety of areas and disciplines. The session will be interactive and offer participants opportunities to share examples, ask questions and discuss ideas pertaining to existing practices and planning for meaningful change.

Zoom-In Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Network, share ideas, reflect, propose challenges, explore, and uncover innovative solutions related to meaningful change
  • Identify techniques and promising practices that promote continuous improvement
  • Consider how to engage stakeholders, develop effective practices, and leverage existing resources while engaging in assessment and self-study
  • Discuss strategies, share resources and examples to promote student success
  • Collaborate and engage interdepartmentally to reflect, discuss and plan
  • Examine and reflect on their current practices while exploring SUNY initiatives and resources, potential opportunities, and opportunities to connect with others during times of change
Slides from Keynote Presentation