2022 Zoom-In Workshop


“Building Pathways for Student Success: Assessment and Implementation of The General Education Framework”

This remote gathering will enable anyone involved in assessment on their campuses to build a roadmap to ensure strong pathways to student success through leveraging inclusive, meaningful institutional conversations, strategic planning, and leveraging assessment guided by SUNY’s rollout of the recent General Education Framework.

The virtual session will include a presentation featuring updates from Dr. Deborah Moeckel, Assistant Provost for Assessment and Community College Education, and a presentation from Jackie Snyder and Kirk Jones titled: Hitting the Ground Running with the General Education Framework. This presentation features SCoA Co-Chairs who are each representative of two diverse SUNY Campuses and will shed light on processes, procedures and considerations, as they share respective stories of the ongoing transition to the new General Education framework with quality assessment as the focus.

Key topics of discussion will include, but are not limited to:

  • The adoption of DEISJ courses and assessment planning
  • The development and use of the DEISJ rubric
  • Courses and program-level assessment, and modifications required with the new framework
  • Faculty and committee processes and procedures
  • The informational session will conclude with an optional workshop conducted in breakout rooms, guided by an expert representing each area of interest.

The entire session will be interactive and offer participants opportunities to ask questions, share examples, discuss roadblocks, explore ideas and consider best-practices.

Participants will:

  • Network, share ideas, reflect, propose challenges, explore, and uncover innovative solutions related to student success and the new General Education Framework
  • Identify techniques and promising practices that facilitate inclusive, meaningful, student-centered assessment and promote continuous improvement
  • Consider how to overcome potential roadblocks to the implementation of the General Education framework, specifically related to Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice outcomes, and curricular or programmatic adjustments
  • Discuss strategies and share resources to develop learning outcomes, develop course assessment plans, collect artifacts of assessment, and vet courses for consideration as General Education courses.
  • Collaborate and engage interdepartmentally to reflect, discuss and plan
  • Examine and reflect on their current practices while exploring SUNY initiatives and resources, potential opportunities, and opportunities to connect with others during times of change