2019 Regional Drive-In Workshops

Enhancing Excellence in Assessment: Assessing for Equity
Using Assessment to Promote Diversity and Equitable Outcomes in Education

This one-day workshop on assessing for equity focused on utilizing assessment to promote diversity and equitable outcomes on campuses. Workshops explored the linkages between SUNY expectations, Middle States Accreditation and meeting local goals, expectations, and experiences measuring student success as well as achievement of outcomes aligned with the institutional missions. Presenters discussed examples of their experiences with accessibility, accountability, equity, inclusion, and/or social justice as related to student success. They highlighted the need for further discussion, collaboration and intentional planning to implement promising practices that promote the equitable achievement of outcomes. The program also emphasized active engagement and interdepartmental collaboration, allowing participants to examine and reflect on their current practices while exploring SUNY Initiatives and resources as well as other potential opportunities to network and continue their work with others. Participants were encouraged to consider the current or changing demographics of their institutions as methods for disaggregating assessment data were explored.

Download slides from keynote presentation here!